My process for the logo began with at least one hundred sketches done by hand. When one of my iterations was based off of the letters and look of a typewriter, I began exploring what could come out of that direction. The final logo is on a warm brown background and uses Univers with cracks in it. This creates a rugged look which related back to the situation of the people that the company was targeted to. The warm brown was chosen in because I wanted to use an earthy tone that could communicate stability and warmth to the audience. The shape of the logo came from the idea that the people Adapt would be helping would be climbing their own mountains due to their situation and that the company could help them through the process. The width of the typeface was thin enough to be fragile but wide enough to be stable and create a sense of strength even though it is cracked.
The stationery incorporates the colors of the company. I was able to use the dominant brown color on parts such as the logo on the letterhead and envelope and the front side of the business card. The red was used as my secondary color and was used to highlight information such as addresses on the letterhead and envelope and the backside of the business card which contains the tagline: “Thriving where you least expect”.
I needed to create a brochure for the company that would be given with the purchase of a product. I used the two colors that I chose for the company, a warm brown and a rust red, throughout to create a sense of continuity and so that the brand would be easily identified. On the back is a description about the company and the products. I chose to create a brochure where the word in the middle would pop-up as a person opens the card. This way, the brochure could be something they keep as a way to remember the company or just because it is something that is unique in the world of brochures.
The words in the middle correspond to different products because the words were chosen out of the descriptions. The “Survive” brochure would be given out to someone who buys all of the products. The “Thrive” brochure goes with the backpack, “Security” goes with the box, and “Hope” goes with the cards.
The final products: a backpack that can turn into a sleeping bag, a box that has a drawer for the cards and a secret compartment for other small valuables, and the card game.
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