Videos capturing the stories of employees at different plants were created. Each video features one or two people who have a personal history with Greenlee. They share their story and also shed light onto what it is they do for the company and what product they produce. The roles vary from person to person, as each plant produces something different or has certain capabilities. The videos were used on social media to promote the campaign and imagery and quotes appeared on trade show graphics. To view a video, click on the image.
Tina Young – Rockford, IL

Tina – Bit Operator

Rockford, IL

Richard – Set-up & Operator

Rockford, IL

Dawn – Assembler

Matt – Engineer

Genoa, IL

Tim – Welder

Jon– Engineer

Louisville, KY

Short videos were created to be a provide previews of the stories and were used on social media to promote the campaign. A compilation of the short videos is below.
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