I worked with Sarah, Natalia, and Andres to create Pow. Based off of Pow's mission statement, Pow values community, creativity, and motivating the next generation to be brighter, stronger, and more connected to their environments. Students that are facing homelessness tend to give up on their educational pursuits by the time they reach middle school. In order to break the cycle and inspire them to stay in school, students need a creative, open space to engage with their peers and their environment. Together Pow works with schools to provide creative resources and allow students to partake in beautifying their surroundings. This allows students a chance to be creative, boost their confidence, and leads them to a sense of belonging.
A school would contact Pow with a wall space and designers at Pow would create a mural that the students would be able to paint in. While targeted for 1st-5th grade students, older students can be involved by helping at a painting and even have the chance to intern at Pow so they can get real world experience and know that they can have a job other than selling drugs on the street.

Here is an example of a mural that Pow would design and students would paint.

Here is how the names of students that participated in the painting would be displayed.

We created a presence for Pow by designing business cards, creating a mockup of a Twitter feed, website, informational brochure and public advertisement. We also created a wrap for a van that would deliver the supplies needed to various sites.
Below are some items that Pow would distribute to those who participate. The group wanted these objects to be objects anyone could use. The objects can be helpful for homeless students and aren't objects that would make them stand out as a homeless student. We chose school supplies (notebook, pencils), water bottle, a hat, and a t-shirt. 
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