Color Reduction Woodblock Print – "Flamingos"
This project turned out to be my favorite. I chose to work from a photograph I had taken of vibrant pink flamingos and carved seven different layers, one for each color used.


Color reduction wood block print. There were six different layers for the colors used in this project. 

Linocut Relief Print – "Lion"
Solar Plate Etching Happy Accident – "Rust" Series
These pieces are unique in that they are products of a mistake. I created a design on a solar plate but due to the weather, it was not exposed correctly. By typing string around the plate, inking, and sending through the press, I created compositions with intriguing textures and unexpected results. I found the final result captivating.
Solar Plate Etching – "Sailing Away"
Solar Plate Etching – "Transparency"
This print was done during an in-class experimentation workshop where we laid ink onto plexiglass sheets and then layered the colors or objects we brought. I used various colors and thickness of string.
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