Emerson Professional Tools consists of the Greenlee and Ridgid brands. The goal for this project was to have a recruitment video highlighting the various plants and a key product from each. After identifying these featured products, I used existing videos and photos to show the process of how product is made. After showing the manufacturing or assembly side, the end user's reaction to the products and how they feel about Greenlee or Ridgid pops up onto the screen. These images and quotes were pulled from social media and show future recruits how their work would impact the lives of people. It also conveys a sense of purpose and pride that those working with Professional Tools feel. I worked with the marketing teams at Greenlee and Ridgid to determine the most popular products, locate footage and photography, and pull images and quotes from social media. I assembled the video, created the graphics, and edited the music to fit the mood of the finished product. The video was well received by upper management throughout Professional Tools. All work is owned by Greenlee Tools, Inc.
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