When researching the historical background of Woop Woop, I made the connection between Australia’s history and the Aboriginal people. I looked at their different painting styles and imitated their dot art in my own way. Woop Woop is very proud of its Australian heritage and the Aboriginal people are associated with Australia. In order to make a series, I illustrated animals that are associated with Australia.
Designing the Bottle Artwork 
The label started out with one or two animals that were cropped by the wrap of the bottle. However, this left me feeling like something was incomplete and the back of the bottle untouched. I wanted the bottle to be eye-catching and for the artwork to be
emphasized. For the final design, I explored the possibility of wrapping the animal around the bottle and having it interact with the text on the back. This allowed for the animal to be fully seen and made the bottle intriguing from every angle.
In addition to the bottle and packaging designs, I created box inserts that correspond with the design on the bottle. I included fun facts about animals that are popular in Australia. Similar to the bottles, the design of the animal continues onto the back of the card.
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